Abandoned Animals Find New Homes
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The story of dozens of abandoned farm animals on a Centre County farm looks to be finally wrapping up with the animals being auctioned off this week in a special sale. It's a story we've been telling you about for months. Jahjah Melhem showed up on an abandoned farm in Centre County with well over 200 animals. The farm's owners said he moved onto their empty property without their permission. At one point, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals seized over 100 of them. Neighbors took care of some, and others wandered away. But dozens still remain, even after Melhem was evicted from the Aaronsburg farm site. This week, the animals finally found a new home. At a sheriff's sale, the remaining animals, which number close to 100, were sold for $17,000. That money will go to the farm owners, after a lien was put on Melhem's property. The animals are expected to be moved off the property this week. Officials are still reviewing the possibility of hiring an animal control officer for Centre County. After Melham was evicted, he left Centre County. Court records in Northampton County show he's expected to stand trial on close to 50 animal abuse charges before the end of summer.