Property Alert System
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A new alert system in Blair County could help property owners protect themselves from fraud. On Tuesday, the Blair County recorder of deeds announced the new system, called Record Alert. According to the FBI, mortgage and property fraud is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in the country. Anyone can register up to five names in the system and receive text messages and emails when documents associated with those names are recorded. The recorder of deeds said the free service also helps businesses. "For the commercial companies in our area like UPMC, Sheetz, Rutters, they have property and sometimes people will file something against the property but it's not legitimate. Landlords that owns a lot of property, sometimes people will try to file mortgages against those properties to get money and they didn't authorize it," said Mary Ann Bennis, Blair County's register of wills and recorder of deeds. Bennis said the system is active as of Tuesday and a handful of people have already signed up to receive alerts.