Scam Alert
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The Centre County Sheriff's Office is warning people about phone scammers claiming to be with the Sheriff's Office. Police say they've received several calls a day from people who are being scammed. According to the victims, the scammers are calling from different phone numbers and claiming to be Sgt. Mike Thompson, with the Centre Counnty Sheriff�s Office. Police say the scammers start by saying, "You have reached the Centre County Sheriff's Office. If this an emergency, please hang up and call 911." The caller will then say the caller has reached "Sgt. Mike Thompson, of the Courts Warrant Division," and advise the caller to leave a message. The scammers also tell victims there is a warrant out for their arrest for "failure to appear for a federal court warrant" for a scheduled court hearing. When the number is called back, an automated voice says to leave a message Thompson will return the call. Police are again warning anyone who receives these calls to not give out personal information, bank account information, money orders, any kind of money or gift iTunes cards. Police say they will not contact you and ask for your personal or bank account information.