Pa. Hemp Industry
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Gov. Tom Wolf and Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding were in Tyrone Friday highlighting the opportunities available to hemp growers around the state. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, just this year alone, the department issued more than 300 growing permits on nearly 600 acres at more than 800 growing locations. Friday, the governor talked with growers in Tyrone about how the state is taking advantage of new economic development opportunities provided by the hemp industry. Hemp is not marijuana. While they are technically from the same plant, they are different types of the same species. Hemp does not contain as much THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana, and cannot get you high. Hemp is grown mainly for fiber and seed which is used industrially to make many different types of products.Wolf also discussed a plan that took effect in 2018 which helps to end the 80-year growing ban. He says the plan helps provide Pennsylvanians with the conditions favorable to grow profitable, sustainable and in-demand products. When we got the chance to talk to Wolf one on one, he talked about how the hemp industry was a major part of Pennsylvania�s history, and he is proud that after such a long hiatus he was able to get the industry booming again in the state.