Flooding Concerns
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Neighbors in one Blair County mobile home park are worried that incoming storms could mean flooding on their property. They tell us flooding happens there often. Marshall Keely spoke to a resident who says she's had enough. He joins us live with details. Two weeks ago heavy rains brought flooding to the cross keys village in Allegheny Township. Residents say floodwaters are common in the small community. Local officials don't see a way to prevent them. Resident Deborah Luciano says the community sits in between two small streams that converge during flooding. She tells me her home sits close to where the water gets the highest. She says the most recent flood brought two feet of water rushing down the street in front of her house. She recalls being stranded in her home until the water level drop. She says the water floods made their way into her vehicle this time she likes the area but has had enough of the flooding. She plans to move out this weekend. "I've been here three years. All three years it's come down through. It's getting worse. I've had enough. They said it was a flood free zone. They were supposed to dredge the creek and it's never been done." Allegheny township supervisors have not responded to my request for comment on this matter. Blair County public safety director Mark Taylor says not much can be done in preparation for the oncoming rains. The area sees flooding quite often. He did encourage residents to make sure storm drains are clear