Deadly Daycare Fire
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A house fire that took the lives of five children in Erie, is being investigated. The fire happened early Sunday morning at a licensed daycare center. Neighbors a block away said they could hear people inside the home crying for help. Firefighters found four children dead, inside. A fifth was taken to a hospital and succumbed to injuries. The kids ages range from eight months to seven years old. Fire officials say four of the victims were siblings. Their grandmother told the Erie Times-News their parents were working overnight. The fifth victim was the homeowner's child. The father of three of those children is a firefighter in a nearby township One adult was airlifted from the scene. Two teens were able to jump out of a window and flee the fire. Investigators say only one smoke detector was found inside the house. The fire chief says had there been the proper number of smoke detectors, most, or maybe all of the people inside the house would have survived. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but investigators believe the cause of the fire is electrical.