Police Officer Fired
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A Penn State police officer who was placed on leave after he said he unintentionally fired his weapon, is no longer employed by Penn State and is now facing charges, university officials confirm. According to a criminal complaint, 26-year-old Ryan Byrnes has been charged with recklessly endangering another person after firing a rifle in an off-campus apartment. According to a criminal complaint, Patton Township police were called to an apartment after a woman said she heard a loud bang and then later noticed a hole in her front door and metal frame book shelf inside the apartment. The woman told police that she heard someone in the hallway, and so she went out to find Byrnes, who told her he was just getting home and he hadn't heard anything. According to the complaint, the woman pointed out to Byrnes that he had a hole in his front door as well that matched the hole in her front door. Byrnes told the woman to make a report with township police, the complaint said. When officers arrived on scene, they told Byrnes that it appeared that a gun had been fired in the apartment, the complaint said. According to the complaint, Byrnes said he was cleaning his AR-15 when it fired. Police said when asked if Byrnes saw the damage to his neighbor�s door he said he did, but he did not check on his neighbor to see if she was OK. Byrnes has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Nov. 6.