Sexual Assault Limitations Fight
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Wednesday, a Johnstown woman traveled to Harrisburg to speak out about sexual assault. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing about the statute of limitations for sexual assault. Senators will be looking at three proposed bills, two of which would eliminate the statute of limitations in criminal cases for sexual abuse of children. This would allow children who were sexually assaulted to have a chance to come forward as an adult for a longer period of time than currently allowed. "For many children who are sexually abused, they're not coming forward until they're an adult but they're finally reaching out and saying, Hey, this happened to me as a child and they're finally prepared to talk about it. The problem is, at this point for many of those people, the statute has run out. Not only is that devastating to them, but that also leaves a whole lot of perpetrators out of the streets," says Erika Brosig, with Victims Services. Brosig says she hopes lawmakers will pass these bills after listening to survivors firsthand stories and experiences.