Homecoming Parade
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It is homecoming weekend at Penn State, along with Tomorrow's football game against Purdue, many people are already in town early for the annual homecoming parade is just getting underway now. Welcome to Penn State homecoming 2019. We are at the launch point for the parade. You can't have a homecoming weekend without a parade. And they are lined up outside of Beaver Stadium. The parade gets started in a few minutes. This is a special weekend at Penn State. Of course homecoming weekend always a special weekend. But this one is the 100th anniversary of Penn State homecoming festivities. It started back in 1919 to coincide with the Dartmouth game. Homecoming has grown since then. We have parades and we have the floats in the parades from numerous fraternities and sororities, along with other organizations, so-called celebrities and community groups involved with the parade. And of course the world-famous Penn State blue band also heading downtown to see the crowds on college avenue. Festivities started earlier with the ice cream social at the alumni center on campus. It draws a crowd because the featured menu item is penn state ice cream. They will have a tailgating contest tomorrow and then the game at noon. If you're heading out, grab a jacket. It is getting breezy here. How to you like that, a weather update during the live shot. The roads will be closed to traffic until about 8:30 or 9:00 tonight. Penn state homecoming celebrating the theme a century of stories.