Civic Service Report
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People in Bellefonte came out in support of one of their own last night with a little competition for a good cause. We check it out for this week's civic service report. An unusual volleyball match Wednesday night in Bellefonte, pitting the girls JV volleyball team against a group of parents. Then the main event, if you will. The girls varsity team against the boys wrestling team. "It happened a few years ago. The boys challenged the girls, saying we can beat you, so it was like hey, let's try it." It's not just bragging rights. They are raising money for a family member of the girl volley ball team battling cancer. A cause near and dear to volleyball mom and organizer Tara Ripka. "This is personal for me. Three years ago when they started this the event went in my honor because I am a cancer survivor." The whole community has bought in. Whether it is showing up to cheer on the team or donating goods to sell or auction. "It was touching. I had the support, I couldn't believe it. My kids were part of the school. Younger then, older now. I have a volleyball player this year. But just the people who came to support, I feel like I need to give back."