New Treatment Plant
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This afternoon, Aqua, Pennsylvania, unveiled their newly renovated $8 million dollar Treasure Lake wastewater treatment plant. The project has been in the making for many years and we are now live from Clearfield County way with why this was needed. The president of Aqua Pennsylvania tells me with this new plant, wastewater treatment improves. Aqua took ownership of the treasure lake wastewater treatment plant in 2013. Prior to their ownership, the plant used to house two treatment plans. The east plant was demolished and is now the site of a new lift station that pumps off flow to the newly upgraded west plant for treatment. He tells me this $8 million investment finally brings this treatment plant up to EPA standards by upgrading processes, implementing a new disinfection system and new control blowers. "Our product on the drinking water side is just that. Water that goes into people's homes every day. People don't think about it, they brush their teeth, bathe, wash their children. When they are done, water is discharged into the collection system. That water then goes into the environment and if that water is not of the highest quality, it will continue to degrade our systems. Luca says aquas next project is to improve treasure lakes largest source of water referred to as n-23.