College Hunger Game
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Penn State takes on Ohio State this weekend. The rivalry is extending beyond the football field this week. You can also catch the rivals on the hockey rink or in the fight to end campus hunger. The update on how those two teams are doing in the competition. I just told you about the competition on Friday. The first of its kind. Take a look at these numbers with Penn State taking the lead right now. It began on Sunday at midnight. These numbers continue to grow rapidly. If you head to tacklehunger.psu.edu you can see Penn State is leading Ohio State by over 14,000 to just under 6000. The schools are competing to see which one can raise highest number of five dollar gifts to support the student. Each donation counts as 1 point . You can donate on the website or by texting, beatosu to 71777. The funds go towards filling pantry shelves with food, toiletries and other necessities for students. "All of the funds will be put together. Then, we are going to be distributing those funds not only here but across the commonwealth. The most exciting part of this challenge is were not helping student here at university park but all of the students across Pennsylvania who is suffering from food insecurities. This competition wraps up on Saturday at 11:59 pm. You can actually track the progress of each team on the website.