Looking for Interim State College Mayor
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The state college borough is still in search for an interim mayor. Applications for the position are now closed and Monday night, the Borough Council held a meeting to discuss the plan moving forward. There are now only 12 eligible applicants who submitted letters of interest for state college mayor. The position opened after current Mayor Don Hahn was elected to a district magistrate position. The chosen applicant will then continue to fill out the rest of his current term, which is two more years. "I do wish to commend those who expressed interest in becoming mayor," Hahn said. One council member noted that these applicants are not candidates, and that this is not an election. The council oversees appointing his replacement by Jan. 30, 2020. The discussion was raised Monday on how they will make this decision. "I think there is a consensus here, notwithstanding some different comments, that we control the process, but I do think that we can use the expertise of others," said Council member Evan Myers. Council members agreed upon a scheduled meeting in the beginning of December for all 12 applicants to come in a speak. Questions from both the public and council will be provided to the applicants. Each person will be given approximately two to five minutes for an individual presentation. Presentation order will be based on random draw that day. An official voting for interim mayor cannot take place until Dec. 16. However, starting Tuesday morning, the public can submit questions for the potential mayors on the borough website. There will be a link for submissions.