Williams Preliminary Hearing
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A Clearfield County woman has been accused of killing her husband and framing it as a suicide. Chelsea Johnson was in the courtroom today and has more in today's preliminary hearing. This afternoon, Kimberly Williams faced all of her charges and her preliminary hearing. She's accused of killing her husband, Ronald Williams and try to make it look like a suicide. Her attorney said Ronald Williams was troubled and suicidal for many years. He believes there is a suicide note. He says Ronald Williams was committed on a few occasions and says he thinks Ronald did not get the help he needed. I asked him if a suicide note was brought to the police department but he did not disclose that information. He says that more evidence will come to light at trial. Some of the evidence the state brought was gunshot residue that was found on Kimberly Williams dress that she wore the night of her husband's death and on her hand, along with panel fire testing that led them to believe Ronald did not shoot himself in the head. During the cross-examination, one of the officers on scene at the time of William's death, he was asked about the protocol of preservation of evidence. Brown bags were not placed over Ronalds hands. He said the number one rule for law enforcement when encountering a homicide was to preserve the evidence. Since they did not assume it was a homicide, he said they did not preserve the evidence at the scene including the evidence on Ronalds body. He said there is optimism following todays hearing. "We're hopeful. The evidence will come to life. Once the full evidence is disclosed we think it will exonerate her. He said the next steps are to review the discovery of evidence, file pre-trial motions,and then proceed to trial