Tim Bream Files Suit Against Penn State
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A former Penn State assistant athletic trainer now taking the university to court in a Wrongful termination lawsuit, Tim Bream was also tied to the death of frat pledge Timothy Piazza back in 2017 he says that played an unfair role in him leaving the university along with being an athletic trainer, bream was a live in advisor at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity where a party early that year led to piazzas death. In his new civil suit against Penn State, bream said Penn State demoted him, cut his salary due to his dutys at the frat house. After the demotion, he said working conditions were intolerable, he felt compelled to resign. There was trouble with the testimony. The lead investigator said he was less than truthful understand. The night of the frat party that piazza attended. Bream said he was asleep in another or that the frat house, he never saw piazza's lifeless body the next morning in the house but in the house footage you can see Bream walking within 10 feet of Piazzas lifeless body "it was erie to see Tim Bream walk past Tim Piazza right after Tim Piazza stumbled into the trophy room you could see Piazza stumble into the room and you can see Mr. Bream walk by shortly thereafter."