Bear Season Talley
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According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, bear hunters are off to a good start as they push towards a bear harvest record. So far, the commission, so far they have reported just over 1000 black bear. Chelsea Johnson joins us live from a bear check station in Jefferson County with a message from the game commission and why this is so important to the falls creek volunteer fire department. I am here at the falls creek volunteer fire department where the Pennsylvania game commission will be here until 8:00 tonight, checking in bears. I spoke with the volunteer here at the firefighter department and she said this event is one of their biggest fundraisers of the year. Hunters are required to bring their bears for harvesting to a bear check station within 24 hours. Bear check stations are located across the commonwealth. During the summertime, all officers will tag a certain amount of bear and will count how many bear come through these stations with tag on them. He says they will use that data to determine the population estimate. A volunteer here at the fire department says this partnership with the game commission is one of their biggest fundraisers of the year. "We permit the game commission to use the fire department to do the bear check station, free of charge to the hunters and game commission. The bear that came in the front door and out the back door after they get processed. The people can have a warm place to get something to eat, win some prizes, sign up for free door prize. We have a lot of things here." This day long event will end on Wednesday night