Poultry Science Club Turkey Sale
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner in Penn State.the poultry science club is holding their annual turkey sale. Once again, people lined up for hours before it got started. Gary Sinderson has more details. Take a look at 400 thanksgiving meals and leftovers. Freshly dressed turkeys at the Penn State meats lab Monday, they are out the door. Today,is sale day for for the poultry science club. "It is part of a research project. It started back in the beginning of the summer of 2019." Research birds? Whats cooking with that? "I am looking at the future generations that will perform and help get more to produce protein keep the cost low for lots of families." Our main question was do the turkeys still taste good and the answer to that is by the number of customers waiting in the nearby auditorium. It is first come first serve here. No pre orders. "That is okay. It is a good try." Most of the turkeys in the 18 to 20 pound range, it is a tradition here. "It is for over 50 years. My father did it back when he was president of the club. It has been going on since then." Once again dozens of satisfied customers at the sale, and for the poultry science club another successful event which is their top fundraiser for the year.