Consiglio to Retire
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A longtime district attorney in our region is stepping down. Blair county DA Rich Consiglio announcing his retirement in 2020. Marshall Keely spoke to his colleagues about his legacy and tells us who is going to be filling his position. Blair county attorney Rich Consiglio has served as a prosecutor in the county for more than 30 years. By the time he retires, he will have served 15 as district attorney. Consiglio announced he will retire on April 1st, 2020. Consiglio was elected district attorney for blair county in 2005. He was elected three times. He tried over 500 criminal cases before judges in Blair County. That is the most criminal trials in county history. The law requires first assistant district attorney to serve out the remainder of Consiglio's term as a district attorney. He says he will serve until the completion of that term in 2021 casino expressed confidence in him. He also addressed the timing of his retirement. "It is to maintain the consistency, so on and so forth. I am 75 years old. I am not getting any younger." "No one in the legal system who has earned the retirement better than Rich Consiglio." He worked with him in a district attorney's office for years. He tells me Consiglio is the most dedicated prosecutor that he has ever worked with. He considers him a very close friend. Consiglio says he will try to finish up working on cases that he is handling before his retirement. He says what he does is all about people