Detention Center Update
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Staff members at a Centre County youth detention center today are fearing for their safety as they struggle to deal with teens under the influence of Meth. Gary Sinderson has more on the situation including a recent meeting with state officials. Central youth detention center, the only facility of it's type in this area of the state, in recent months problems with increasing number of people under the influence of Meth. They worried about telling the sometimes violent encounters. Options being considered with no change for youth coming from the immediate five-county using the center. "The 15 or so counties that we serve overall will probably be a prohibitive bringing meth children into the facility." State officials are attending a meeting about the center and the issues involved with youth and drug use. "It is not a discussion that is limited to our community. Hopefully, the state and what this the juvenile is present. This conversation is going to be expanding beyond Centre County and the central Pennsylvania area." Possible court orders being issued against staffers that did not follow policy has been withdrawn