Centre County Jail Budget
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Clearfield County jail has been overpopulated for the past three years. Now, the Clearfield County commissioners think they have a plan to help. The commissioners presented the preliminary draft project in 2020. They're not big changes in budget but they will have an additional $400,000 to use the towards the budget next year. This comes from an accounting error of double budgeting different line items. The children and youth family service in the budget in 2018 in 2019. "It should have been caught. That is in the nature I am going to characterize it. As an accounting error, that is something that someone with financial background should have picked up on." Susquehanna accounting and consulting solutions discovered this error during our conversation, the commissioners talked about overpopulation in Clearfield County jail. Some of their solutions, as well. "We look at the county budget very diligently. Some of the things we came up to combat overtime going over budget is to provide more additional corrections officers to the jail. This will combat the problem." The Clearfield County drug court is another solution to minimize overpopulation at the jail. "Basically, what it would do, get them into a job, monitor them, had a really, really strict supervision and make sure they are back on track. That way, it will keep them out of jail. We don't want to put someone in jail, have them sit there and not go to work release and left nothing. Once they come out of jail, they went back to the same crowd, get back to the drugs and just continue that cycle".