10,000th Baby in Dubois NICU
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Today, Penn Highlands Dubois celebrates the 10,000 baby that they are neonatal intensive care unit has cared for. Chelsea Johnson joins us more with a message for the parents and what the staff is saying about this special moment. Chelsea. This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Eli the 10,000th baby that the NICU unit has cared for. I also spoke to the doctors and his parents, who all say they are excited to be a part of this moment in history. The neonatal intensive care unit provides care for mostly premature babies or babies with any critical condition. This unit has been a part of Penn Highlands Dubois since 1977. They care for an average of 300 babies a year and eight babies a day. It just so happens that eli is the 10,000th baby the NICU has cared for. His parents say he was born December 1st at just eight pounds. His mother says eli had trouble breathing after birth and she knew she had to notify the nurses right away. She said this isn't her first rodeo with motherhood. She has a 4-year-old son who was also in the nicu for some time after his birth. Those moments were terrifying, but the staff took care of her son. She says she is glad she and Eli can be part of history. "They came into our room and told us that he was the 10,000th baby. That we would be in the news and in the newspaper. It was so overwhelming." "All babies are cute and precious, so we don't have any discrimination. Eli was special because it was our 10,000th baby, so he is a lucky one to have all this attention, which you can tell today he was enjoying it. That is special. Actually, he did very well." The doctor says baby Eli will be able to go back home with his parents tomorrow.