Sandusky Hearing Update
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We begin with new details in the Jerry Sandusky case. There is a possibility he could face more criminal charges. Prosecutors won't comment on that yet, as Sandusky's latest court appearances already generating new legal arguments. Jerry Sandusky was back in Centre County a few weeks ago for resentencing in his case. The appeals process is already underway from that hearing, but there is another question based on a report from Penn State and elsewhere. Will Jerry Sandusky face new criminal charges? Late in October Penn State police confirmed they received a report that included new accusations against Sandusky that reportedly happened in the Lash building on campus, the football teams headquarters, sometime between 2000 and 2010. There was talk of a new criminal case being filed against him. "Whoever that alleged victim is, we are anxious to defend that. If someone wants to bring that, we are anxious to get into court on that one, I tell you." This week Sandusky's attorneys are appealing his recent resentencing hearing that set his sentence at 30 to 60 years. This appeal filed in county court, with the legal team admitting they may take further appeals to federal court. "There is another counselor involved we have to consult with and determine if and when, what you are referring to is a federal habeas. When that will be filed." Sandusky was convicted in 2012 on more than 40 counts of child sexual abuse. We reached out to the states attorney generals office for comment on whether or not new criminal charges may be in the works. They responded by saying, "we can not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation"