Student Makes False Statements
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A Mount Aloysius student alleged to have made false statements to the Department of Homeland Security about his background and training with a group that promised Death to America, Death to Israel, and Victory to Islam, suddenly withdrew his U.S. residency application and proceeded to try and schedule a visit to the White House days before he was arrested last month. Gafaar Mohammed Ebrahim Al-Wazer was arrested on November 7 and charged with three counts of making false statements to the Department of Homeland Security about his background and training with a group fighting to overthrow Yemen's government. According to his federal affidavit, Drexel University alerted the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force about his Facebook account, which the feds allegedly found showed him in military garb, holding deadly weapons, and writing anti-American rhetoric and about his hatred of Jewish people.Documents obtained by from a pretrial motion last month in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where online court records show Al-Wazer was transferred and remains in custody, show the Mount Alyousis College student expressed criticism about the United States to immigration officials over the time it took to review his Temporary Protected Status. He asked that his documents be withdrawn on October 7. "If the United States is not supporting peace in my county [sic], how it is going to help me when I am in its homeland," Al-Wazer said, according to the court documents. "I am not in need to you, I have Allah with me." "(The) United States support the [sic] war criminal Mohammed bin Salman has caused a great harm to me and my family and resulted in the deaths of many friends and family members who have been killed by him." The motion also alleges the Joint Terrorism Task Force alerted the Secret Service that Al-Wazer had applied online for a tour of the White House on October 30. The tour request was denied. Two days later, an arrest affidavit was obtained for his activities dating back to 2016 at Drexel. Those facts, the feds allege, contradicted his VISA application and Temporary Protected Status application, in which he denied if he belonged in a clan or tribe; if he ever was in a paramilitary, rebel, vigilante, guerrilla or insurgent group; or if he did any activities that would conclude he was a danger to the security of the United States. Mount Aloysius said last month they were aware of the arrest but would not comment further. Court documents said Al-Wazer was looking to transfer again, this time to California University of Pennsylvania. Newer court orders filed over the past few weeks are currently under seal. Al-Wazer faces a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment, three years supervised release, and a $250,000 fine.