CWD Concerns
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Chronic Wasting Disease, often found in Deer, Elk and Moose is a big topic in Pennsylvania. It spreads through animal contact or contaminated food. The state game commission is taking steps to stop it from spreading. Chelsea Johnson spoke to the owner of a processing business today who said it is not slowing him down. Is that right, Chelsea? I spoke with Douglas Lockwood, owner of Lockwood processing. He says CWD has not been impacting his business. In fact, he says his business is busier than ever. According to the Pennsylvania game commission, they detected the first case of CWD in 2012. As a result there are three active disease management areas to prudent prevent the spread of the disease. Lockwood said his business has seen over 80 deer, hitting a mark for 300 deer for the season. He says CWD hasn't had an impact on his business and he hasn't seen a change in the health of the deer. He says his customers are familiar with what to do when they get a deer from a CWD area. "If you want the head tested, we mark it in our book. We save it for you and you can take it to one of the head drop off points." To prevent the spread of CWD the game commission urges hunters to harvest animals that appear healthy.