Recycling Program
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At Beaver Stadium this past season, another busy one for the cleanup crews. Hundreds of tons of trash collected and the good news, fans did a better job this year with recycling. Centre County's recycling program among the strongest in the state. This is the electronics recycling area, where there are changes coming next year. Once again it has been a very busy year here, partially due to the Beaver Stadium football games. In recent years, growing emphasis on recovering more recyclables from the stadium through a system of different colored bags. If a bag has other trash mixed in, it is considered contaminated and it all goes in the general garbage. This past season, better results. "We did really well. We started doing better as the games went on. We were about 70% good. 70% Of what was in our recycling bags was recyclable, which is amazing. We ended up collecting 100 tons of recyclables over the course of the season." The recycling business is undergoing changes. They have collected electronics for specialized recycling. But after the end of the month, what you can drop off here for recycling will be different. Less electronic materials will be accepted. "We aren't able to recycle a lot of the things that we used to.due to different changes in the market. And for the changes being made in the electronics recycling you can go to the authority's website, again those changes taking place the first of the year.