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A clinic in Cambria County recognized world aids day over the weekend in an effort to raise awareness for the deadly disease. World aids day was first celebrated in 1988. It was founded to show support for people living with HIV Aids and commemorate those who have died from the disease. "The international community decided it was such an epidemic that they wanted an international recognition day." Communities make the difference is the theme. "We can all encourage or friends and loved ones to be tested, particularly if they are in a higher risk group. If you know somebody who is injecting drugs or having a lot of sexual encounters, it's important to get tested." HIV can be asymptomatic for up to ten years. "There's a campaign, if you're undetected or your virus is well controlled you're not transmitting. There's a hope that we can end transmission in the united states if everyone was treated, then they wouldn't be transmitting to others." Clinics like the one at Conemaugh are here to help. "If the patient comes to our program, there's two parts to the program. One is the medical side. And we also have case managers active in helping patients, and they help with transportation, housing, affordable insurance, so that a patient with HIV, it's really important to keep them in care and we do everything we can using case managers."