State Cyber School Impacts
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School districts around the commonwealth are calling to reform public school funding. 20 Districts held press conferences, explaining the changes they want to see. We spoke to the Altoona district today. Why they feel they are paying too much for Cyber Charter education. School districts from the pa league of urban schools are calling for equitable school funding.Altoona Area School District administrators say they do not generate as much revenue as the suburban counterparts and last year they paid $3 million for Cyber charter education. District superintendent 300 students that could attend the school are enrolled in Cyber charter schools. Online education programs provide flexibility and opportunity, but Altoona Cyber academy has a 100% graduation rate compared to 49% for charter schools. His district can provide the same resources at fraction of the cost. The pa league of urban school is backing pa house bill 1897 that requires full-time Cyber programs. Cyber charter schools could work with the district to provide the programs. Dr. Prijatelj says the current model does not make fiscal sense. "Taxpayers deserve an accountability that ensures that tax dollars are translating into results and a quality education for kids." The Pennsylvania coalition of public charter schools released a statement saying in part. We agree that state lawmakers should reform school funding, especially the gap between wealthy and poor districts. Coalition wants to see the reform. And they are backing four bills that are currently on the state senate floor they encourage lawmakers to protect the public charter schools and the families that rely on them