PSU Assault Claims
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This past Saturday, the Penn State football team wrapped up its regular season with a win over Rutgers at Beaver Stadium, and now they await news on where they'll be heading for a bowl game. But it was back in the spring when police announced an investigation on campus that was tied to the football program. It was back in April, a few days before the Blue and White football game, that an alert was circulated on campus about an investigation at the Lasch Building, the football team headquarters, about reports of indecent assaults. What followed was a lengthy investigation with dozens of people interviewed. On April 13, the Penn State football team was wrapping up spring practice for the Blue and White game. Just two days before, a notice was electronically distributed on campus, confirming an investigation into reports of indecent assaults at the Lasch Building between January of 2018 and April of this year. It launched a lengthy investigation done by the university's office of sexual misconduct prevention and response. The investigation was primarily fueled, according to a draft police report, by one football player who claimed he was harassed, hazed and assaulted by other players. Numerous team members, and others associated with the football program, were interviewed and overwhelmingly they disclaimed, or flat out denied the allegations, with most saying it was just locker room horseplay, or teammates joking around, and they felt that the original complaint came from a player looking for a quick transfer to another school. One of the players accused was even given a lie detector test, which he passed. The police report was eventually reviewed by Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna, who confirmed the decision not to file any criminal charges. What we don't know is whether any of the individuals investigated faced disciplinary action from Penn State, but again, the bottom line is that no criminal charges were filed as a result of the investigation