State College Council Meeting
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The state college council will be having a big meeting tonight that includes two new council members, at last week's meeting council members wish to discuss further the Summers on Allen proposal, Sarah Metz has more on what we can expect at tonight's meeting. Rachel this topic has been discussed for decades, one spring semester lets out around here things get to be on the slower side, the proposal states that Summers on Allen would begin May 11th and take place all the way to July 3rd, in efforts to draw more people to the state college area. In July the central Pennsylvania festival of the arts shuts down Allen street from Wednesday through Sunday, the summers on alan proposal is an attempt to expand on that. It would temporarily close the 100 block of Allen street and make it into a pedestrian plaza. The idea is to bring more people into the downtown state college area. After the Penn State students leave for the summer. To keep the business's and the community growing this proposal was recently denied back in December and some had concerns about closing down what some say is the busiest street in downtown state college for a long period of time. Tonight the borough will take the same proposal they have recently denied and re-discuss whether this is a viable option for the community or not. Tonights meeting will start at 7:00 pm