Piazza Trials Update
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It has been nearly 3 years since the Penn State fraternity pledged Timothy Piazza died as a result of hazing at a frat house initiation event. More than two dozen brothers were initially charged in connection to his death and only two of them have cases pending in court. Which the state supreme court has agreed to review. Gary Sinderson has our update. The supreme court issued this order last week agreeing to review the criminal cases for Daniel Casey and Brendan Young, Casey was the pledge master at beta theta pi fraternity and Young the chapter president in February 2017 when timothy piazza attended an event and died two days later. After years of court hearings all the cases except for Casey's and Young's have been resolved with no jail time for any of those charged. Following their preliminary hearings though Casey and Young first appealed their cases to the higher court. With the latest notice from the supreme court the state court review will continue. It is uncertain if their cases will return to Centre County court.