Popeye's Burglary
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Altoona police say hundreds were stolen from a local fast food restaurant in an overnight burglary this weekend. Two men have been arrested in connection with the case. Marshall Keely joins us live from Blair County with more. Altoona police were dispatched to the Popeyes on plank road in Altoona on Friday morning responding to an overnight burglary. The store manager reported around $300 had been stolen from two cash registers inside the store and one of those registers was reported missing. Police say security cameras captured several suspects entering, one through an unlocked rear door and one through an unlocked lobby door. Altoona police later learned two of those men, Khiry Cannady and Joshua Gregg had been stopped by logan township police the night before with a partially pried open cash register, latex gloves, a hammer and a 22 caliber handgun. On Saturday Altoona and Logan Township police arrested the men in connection with the burglary Sgt. Plummer says that one admitted the crime during questioning. Police say one register was left unlocked and the suspect said he expected the safe to be unlocked but it wasn't. "Mr. Cannady actually was employed by Popeyes prior to this incident and I believe he was fired about a week ago. At this time it's an ongoing investigation and we believe there is possibly another employee that is involved." Court documents say security footage shows Cannady and Gregg trying to pry open the drive-through window to make it appear as though it was a forced entry but police say that the doors were left unlocked and plummer says there was a third suspect with the two who are facing criminal conspiracy and burglary charges.