2nd Amendment Rally
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An upcoming second amendment rally has local officials addressing gun laws in the commonwealth.Marshall Keely tells us why some communities are trying to block new legislation, while others are calling for more. Marshall. The Altoona grand hotel is hosting a second amendment freedom rally, tomorrow, featuring panels of experts on concealed carry and other gun laws. The Blair County sheriff James Ott says many in the commonwealth feel there second amendment rights are being infringed upon. He says some states are adopting new, red flag laws, which allow for the temporary seizure of firearms if the person is deemed a threat to themselves or others. The Blair County democratic committee chair Gllian Kratzer says the laws do not infringe upon second amendment rights. She says they help remove guns from individuals with a history of domestic violence who use firearms against their partner. Some cities are adopting resolutions in an attempt to protect themselves from gun control. The sheriff says that type of action has been talked about in Blair County. Kratzer say it would leave the county open to a host of legal issues. The sheriff argues there are already laws in place. They just need to be enforced. "Unless certain conditions happen that would make you ineligible to possess a firearm, we shouldn't take firearms from a law-abiding citizen." "I don't think it impacts law- abiding gun owners who enjoy hunting or want to defend their home.this is not, in any way, about that." As for concealed carry laws, the sheriff says those who carry can stop attacks when they happen and limit harm. But Kratzer says concealed carry gun owners in Pennsylvania are not required to do any sort of training and she says that can put law enforcement and others at risk.