Penns Valley S.D. Selling Land
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When building new schools,most districts first need to acquire property, but for one school it is a different story. They are actually selling dozens of acres of their property. Gary Sinderson has our story. In 2018, the Penns Valley school district bought about 125 acres of farmland adjacent To the high school and elementary school buildings near Millheim the schools are located along route 45. One priority for the property is to develop safer access routes to the schools, instead of the current instances off the busy highway. "Whats is nice about the property we purchased is it encompasses several township roads, so it allows the school district to get access to a township road, as opposed to coming out to very busy route 45. So we hope to improve the traffic patterns of the school district, especially at drop off in the morning and, you know, dismissal in the afternoon." But what to do with the remaining property? That has been the source of a consultants plans and public hearings. The district decided to put 40 acres out to bid into 2 parcels.Much of that property has farms and other buildings the district has to pay insurance on. They aren't selling all the property. There are other things on their wish list. "We are looking at moving our baseball and softball fields to the north side and that will create a situation where students don't have to walk across route 45 after school. Also some of the problems we have getting traffic in and out of our current athletic stadium, because of its location on route 45.It is directly over the top of a hill." Sale could help raising money for the projects without raising taxes, bids are due by March 18th.