New K-9 Officer
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Officials with the City of DuBois have been working tirelessly to acquire a K-9 dog for their police department. Now they say they have purchased a K-9 from New York to crack down on the drug epidemic in DuBois. Police Chief Blaine Clark says Ace will be the new face of the department's K-9 unit. Ace is a Belgian Malinois from Phillips Command Dogs in Olean, New York. Clark says Officer Zayne Rhed will be Ace's handler. Right now, Ace is going through narcotics training in New York, but by mid-March, Clark says Rhed will join Ace for training. He says Ace will train in all elements from bomb sniffing and tracking to narcotics apprehension. The goal is to have Ace on the streets by April 1. With Ace on their team, Clark says the department will now have probable cause to search cars and hopefully end the drug epidemic in the community. The city is still taking donations for the costs of its K-9 unit. Checks can be made out to the City of DuBois.