Garrett Reinstated
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NFL Insiders Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport are reporting that Cleveland Browns' defensive end Myles Garrett has been reinstated from his indefinite suspension, effective immediately. Garrett was suspended in November following an on-field incident with Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback Mason Rudolph, in which he hit Rudolph over the head with his (Rudolph's) own helmet. He would miss the Browns' remaining six games of the 2019 season. Several Browns and Steelers players were also suspended and/or fined for their involvement in the ensuing brawl, including Rudolph, who was fined $50,000. Part of Garrett's punishment stated that he would have to meet with the commissioner's office prior to his reinstatement, which Rapoport says he did on Monday. Rapoport is also reporting that there is a loose end to the Garrett/Rudolph situation in the fact that Rudolph's fine appeal "has yet to be decided upon. The Steelers have not yet released a statement regarding Garrett's reinstatement.