Shooting Update
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Indiana Borough police have provided an update to the ongoing investigation into the shooting near IUP's campus that occurred last Friday. According to a news release, two residents and one visitor were present at the home that was robbed, and one of the residents suffered a non life-threatening injury after being struck in the head. Police say the suspects stole multiple cellphones, two gaming systems, a television, a laptop computer and a wallet from the home. Two of the cellphones have since been recovered police say they were found near the intersection of Philadelphia Street and College Lodge Road. Police say the suspects then attempted to rob the house next door, where two residents were home at the time. One of those residents suffered a gunshot wound to the neck, and their condition is unknown at this time, police reiterated. Police also added that no property was reported stolen from the second residence. Investigators are continuing to collect evidence and information, the release states. Police reminded the community that all persons found to have aided in these crimes, or the subsequent harboring of any suspect, or the storage of any stolen property, will be prosecuted. Police will provide another investigative update on Friday.