Dush Seeks Senate Seat
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In a conversation last December, Representative Cris Dush says he promised Senator Joe Scarnati that he would not run against him for the senate seat. He says it wasn't until after hearing Senator Scarnati's retirement announcement, that he says it was time to pursue the opportunity he felt called to do. Representative Dush represented the 66th Legislative District since 2014. He'll be running as a republican for the senate seat. For a candidate to be placed on the ballot for senator in the general assembly they are required to get 500 signatures. Representative Dush says he received over 2,600 signatures. He says he's received overwhelming support and wants to continue his fight to bring government transparency to the commonwealth. Representative Dush says it's that transparency that led him in his fight to demand accountability from the governor and the Department of Corrections to protect the lives of corrections personnel. Dush, a former corrections officer himself, says inmates are not receiving proper structure inside of Pennsylvania prisons. Other candidates pushing for that senate seat are Republicans Herm Suplizio and Dr. James Brown and Democrat Margie Brown.