4 Diamonds Reunion
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For some students, THON 2020 is their first experience with the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. For others, it's their last. Emotional either way, but especially so for two Four Diamonds Children, who became best friends through THON. On Friday, they'll return to Bryce Jordan Center as Penn State students for the first time together. THON 2020 Dancer and Four Diamonds child Robby Schweitzer is a senior now, but has known his best friend Tucker Haas for nearly his entire life, "I met him growing up. We met under kind of bad circumstances, but luckily we're both here today." Haas shares his sentiment, "Seeing the bond that we've been able to build for the last 16 years is just amazing." They say it's "insane" to see their friendship come full circle. "He means everything to me. I say he's my best friend, but really, he's my brother. I'm just lucky to have him," Schweitzer says. In his last year at Penn State, Schweitzer is fulfilling his life-long dream to dance all 46 hours of THON. However, it's not the first time he's danced on this floor. Schweitzer says, "I actually had Leukemia. I've met so many other kids like me through THON and they're my motivation to keep going because I was one of the fortunate ones. I met my best friend who is also one of the fortunate ones." He continues to say that he and Haas met at this very spot under very different circumstances, "I've been going to THON for the past 19 years and, I swear, every time I walk in every Friday night at 6 p.m., my breath gets taken away because there's 16,000+ Penn State students in one arena, doing something for the greater good of more than Penn State. It's electric." Haas chimes in, "Four Diamonds saved my life. Without the Four Diamonds Fund, I wouldn't be standing here today." Diagnosed in 2002 with a rare form of sarcoma, Haas relapsed three times during his five-year battle with pediatric cancer. He says he hit his 13th year being cancer-free on February 12th and is excited to attend his 17th THON this weekend - his first as a Penn State student, "Coming to Penn State has always been a dream for me." He is on this year's THON Communications Committee, fulfilling another dream of his to be involved in the event. These two best friends are dancing their way to a cure for children like them. Robby calls THON a "little part for little kids because that's what they think it is. They come in here, they're partying for 46 hours, they're having a good time and they don't have a care in the world." Haas continues to say, "Even in the worst situations, there's always a spotlight. There's kids going through treatment right now that are going to be up here for THON weekend and THON weekend is their light." Schweitzer says that he and Haas are standing at THON for the children who don't get to stand where they are today, "We're gonna keep fighting for them."