Sykesville Could Lose Police Dept.
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One local town may soon be without a police department. Chelsea Johnson joins us live with more details and the reactions from residence in sSkesville. Chelsea. People here in Sykesville are talking about the possibility of losing their police department. When I tried to get answers, all I got was the voicemail for the borough that said if you're calling in regards to the council's decision to abolish the police department, nothing is set in stone. But residents here are certainly expressing their concerns tonight. Residents tell me they found out about this news by word-of- mouth. Suzanne Hag, a business owner in town, tells me she lived there all her life and never without a police department.She says with the drug and crime problem in the community, not having a police department is not a good idea. Mo Kovalchick says she found out about the news yesterday. With the burglaries in the community, she says she hopes the council can come to a decision soon. She even says state police has provided coverage to some incidence and the arrival time was not as quick as their local police department. "There are times we have relied on the state police, also, but I think we need the support and to know we can make a phone call and they are not too far away." I reached out to the council and police department and haven't heard back. The city council will have a townhall on March 16th.