Jarrod Boxes Made
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In Centre County, a group of students in a special class project have a mission to help other kids through the Jarrod Box Project. Gary Sinderson brings us their story. Imagine you're an elementary school and want to put together care packages for kids who are hospitalized. What would you include? Here are first-graders Harper and Emma with their list of items. "Crayons and then a ball you can take apart and put back together. And we also put a book in it and a coloring book and a necklace." The students worked on the stage at Radio Park Elementary School on these boxes, called Jarrod Boxes. "They are just boxes you pack with toys and games and activities for kids in the hospital." Each box packed with various items, toys and a message. "They write notes, they make bookmarks.In our class they made ceramic hearts to put in there as well." New construction and renovation has disrupted the school schedule in recent months. This project, bringing the school community together. "It was amazing. It made our hearts feel full. I had a kid that came up when we were creating them and he said this is good, I know when a kid gets my box they will instantly have a smile on their face." Jarrod Box is an outreach project for kids helping kids "I honestly think when kids do service for others thats what sticks with them."