Centre Co. First Case of Coronavirus
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There Are Now 268 Coronavirus Cases In The State. One In Our Area In Centre County. Mt. Nittany Confirming Two Presumptive Positive Cases Of Coronavirus Coming In Just Minutes Ago. They Say Both Individuals Are Currently At Home In Isolation. Police Plan On Enforcing The Governor's Order, Now That The Non-Life-Saving Businesses Are Ordered To Close, But Questions Of Who Was Essential And How Long That Order Was Going To Last Caused A Lot Of Confusion Throughout Communities. Many Shopping Centers Today Were Ghost Towns. Law Enforcement Still Left Wondering How It's Going To Be Enforced, Pushing Much Of The Enforcement To State Police, Who Told Us They Are Still Meeting To Determine Their Best Course. Michael Burgan Says That He Is Consulting With County Leaders To Try To Find The Best Way Forward, But He Says He's Ready For Whatever Enforcement His Department Needs To Do, During "This Once-In-A-Lifetime Situation. Most Of Us Are Complying Because It Is A Serious Factor, And Nobody Want To Endanger Their Staff,The Last Pandemic We Had Was Over 100 Years Agowe Are In Uncharted Waters Right Now"