COVID-19 Update
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Over 100 more cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Pennsylvania according to the State Department of Health, as the state total of confirmed cases nears 500. No new cases have been reported in our viewing area. Philadelphia County has now surpassed Montgomery County for having the most cases in the state. Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said today their have been nearly 5,000 negative cases. In a conference this evening, Governor Wolf took many questions from reporters including questions about continued school and business closures and a question about delaying the primary. Tonight his answers were clear, the Wolf administration will do everything in their power to keep residents safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. This includes the continued closures of schools and businesses after the initial 14 day quarantine period. Gov. Wolf addressed again the importance of the shutdown compliance, saying this is to help buy time to stock up on supplies we might need if the virus gets worse in the state. In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the state, the Wolf administration announced Friday that all non-life essential businesses in the state were expected to shut down at Midnight on Saturday. But, because of confusion about enforcement and what businesses were considered life sustaining, Gov. Wolf announced the enforcement it will now begin Monday morning at 8am. In a conference call earlier Sunday, State Secretary of Community and Economic Development Dennis Davin also clarified the statement that businesses that do not comply will face criminal penalties. Sec. Davin also stated that the state has received nearly 10,000 business waiver requests and plans to have them all viewed and accepted, as fairly as possible, by Monday's 8 a.m. enforcement deadline.