Big Spring Spirits Making Hand Sanatizer
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History Has Shown In Times Of Crisis Can Lead To Creative Ways To Help Others. We Are Also Seeing More Manufacturing Operations Changing Gears To Produce Goods That Are In High Demand And Short Supply. Gary Sinderson Has The Details. "We Are Standing In The Tasting Room Right Now Which Is Normally About Half Of Our Business. That Has Disappeared." Big Spring Spirits, Well Known For Their Draft Cocktails And Spirits, In Recent Days A New Mix, A Recipe For Hand Sanitizer. Basically On Using The Waste Product With Other Ingredients. "Part Of The Production, If Not All Of It, Will Be Switched Over To Hand Sanitizer. There Is A Urgent Need For That. Earlier We Were Making Whiskey But These Days We Will Be 100% Hand Sanitizer Production." The New Product Priority List For Customers, Personnel Is High Priority. Emergency Response And Fire Departments Being Was Supplied This With No Cost. "We Have Supplied Free Sanitizer, As The Word Gets Out We're Getting More And More Stretched On That And We Have To Ration It Back A Little Bit. That Is The Best Of Our Ability And That's What We Intend To Do." One Other Issue, Getting Enough Containers For The New Hand Sanatizer In Short Supply, But They Are Working On That Also.