Penn Highlands COVID-19 Testing
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Clearfield County reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case today. According to Officials at Penn Highlands Health Care, the person who tested positive for COVID-19 was not tested at any of the Penn Highlands facilities, but the test was processed through their system. According to Director of Emergency Services at Penn Highlands Dr. Shaun Sheehan, the test was confirmed through one of their testing points. Sheehan says though Penn Highlands does provide COVID-19 testing, tests are limited because of a low supply of collection materials for the test. So far, Penn Highlands has conducted under 100 tests at their facilities and no one has tested positive for COVID-19. According to Sheehan, Penn Highlands can now get test results back within 48 hours instead of 7-9 days. While information regarding COVID-19 is constantly evolving, officials urge you to continue to follow the CDC's guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.