LIHEAP Recovery Crisis Program
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The state recently launched programs to help families afford food and stay afloat during the pandemic. One of those programs is the LIHEAP Recovery Crisis Program.

LIHEAP, known as the low-income home energy assistance program, started accepting applications for their Recovery Crisis Program on Monday.

According to Teresa Miller, Secretary of the Department of Human Services, the Recovery Crisis Program helps families at risk of losing electricity or natural gas.

Miller said this program is providing $34.9 million in assistance to families.

The money from this program will be disbursed through August 2021 or until the money runs out.

Another assistance program recently launched by the DHS is the new Emergency Assistance Program.

The EAP provides a onetime cash benefit to families who experienced an income reduction or complete job loss due to the pandemic.

Since Monday, they've received over 70,000 applications and gave out $1.2 million to families through this program.

The state is also extending the Coronavirus Pandemic EBT program.

"PEBT allows states to provide snap benefits to households who receive free reduced lunch through the national school lunch program. These programs are temporary in nature and designed to help meet the gap left by schools closing due to the COVID-19 crisis," said Miller.

If you're interested in applying for these benefits head to the Department of Human Services website.