Nursing Home Data Released
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Individual nursing home data related to the Coronavirus is now available to the public. The Department of Health released this information Tuesday. Over 550 long term care facilities in 44 Pennsylvania Counties have at least one resident or staffer who has tested positive for COVID-19. Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center in Beaver County reported the most cases in one facility across the State, with 373 positive cases in residents and staff and 76 fatalities. The DOH says 6 facilities in our area have five or less cases. They include Haida Healthcare and Rehab Center in Cambria County, Schreffler Manor, Wynwood House at Greenhills in Centre County, Mountain Laurel Healthcare and Rehab Center, Knickerbocker Villa in Clearfield County, and Woodland Park Rehab Center in Huntingdon County. The Department of Health reports Wynwood House in State College to have the most cases in our area with 15 residents and 10 staff members testing postitive. However, the owner says those numbers are not correct. Vincent Romanini says his State College facility had 12 residents and 13 staff members test positive, not 15 and 10 as the DOH reported. The Department also reported a staff member at Wynwood House at Greenhill's tested positive. However, Romanini says there are no cases at that location. When the first State College Wynwood staff member tested positive, Romanini says he asked the Department about testing the rest of the staff, but he says they advised only to test if the other staffers were showing symptoms. He says he decided to get them tested anyways. Romanini told us: "The amazing thing out of that process is 5 staff tested positive for COVID-19 and those 5 staff were asymptotic through the entire thing. If we had followed the DOH's guidelines we would have never tested those individuals, and that seems to be a common theme." He went on to say he understands the State doesn't have the ability to do that level of testing. Officials say one resident from the State College facility died due to the virus.