Bens Barber Seaks Out
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Governor Tom Wolf wants everyone to stick to the guidelines that he has laid out for the pandemic.

Big sports stars are no exception.

Big Ben got a haircut and beard trim let recently even though the state is only in the yellow phase of reopening which means only certain businesses can open up and no, that does not include barbershops.

A video was released on social media showing off his cut which happened after he was seen throwing passes to a teammate.

The QB missed most of last season because of an elbow injury so that's a big step in his recovery.

The governor does not really care though and when he was asked about it Tuesday, he did not mention Ben by name but said a haircut was not worth the risk.

The barber who gave the QB his nnew hairdo says it was just a simple favor.

"He asked me if I would do it and I did it. I did it as a favor for a friend. No money was exchanged. I did what any oher man would have done if ben called them and said hey will you cut my hair, I understand and take the pandemic very serious, I just did a favor for a friend"