Catastrophic Flooding in Michigan
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Turning now to the catastrophic flooding in Michigan. The devastating aftermath of two dam breaches leaving many without power and forcing hundreds into shelters amid the Pandemic. The damage is so severe that the State's Governor asked President Trump to expedite Emergency Relief. The devastating flooding in Michigan peaking overnight after not one, but two dams failed releasing a deluge that swallowed entire neighborhoods. Water reaching rooftops of homes closest to the river. Cars, semis, and roads swallowed by the swampy flood waters that are still rushing a day after the breaches. Nearly 400,000 gallons per second exploding out of the river. Some bridges were no match for the powerful flooding. Remarkably, no injuries reported. And now, in the wake of the devastation, officials revealing they knew this could happen. In fact, Federal Regulators revoked Edenville Dam's hydropower license due to over-flow concerns found in 1999. Meanwhile, the Army Corp of Engineers determined the Sanford Dam had a "high hazard" potential during an inspection in 2018. The Federal Government now ordering an investigation into what went wrong.