Some Counties Go Green, Some Yellow
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Gov. Tom Wolf announced Friday the first counties that will be permitted to enter the green phase of his reopening process starting May 29.

Wolf says 17 counties will be permitted to move from the yellow phase to the green phase including Bradford, Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Crawford, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, Lawrence, McKean, Montour, Potter, Snyder, Sullivan, Tioga, Venango and Warren counties.

"I must emphasize that moving into the green phase will still require precautions to keep our communities and our families safe, COVID-19 continues to be a threat to our health and welfare and unfortunately that won't change until we have a vaccine or a cure.

While these counties will see a return to near normalcy, some precautions will continue to be in effect for the safety of residents."

Wolf also announced counties that could move to the yellow phase next week including Huntingdon County, which was the only county in our 10-county viewing area remaining in the restrictive red phase.

In the process, Governor Wolf also announced that Huntingdon County will enter the yellow phase on May 29 along with Dauphin, Franklin, Lebanon, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, and Schuylkill.

"It is a beginning and appreciated as Huntingdon County can now join with our other partnering counties of the Southern Alleghenies Economic Development Region. There is much more to be done. Huntingdon County continues to follow CDC guidelines for the health and safety of employees and patrons and customers as businesses open safely."

Gov. Wolf announced Friday that 17 counties will transition into the Green Phase next Friday, May 29th.

Counties in our area include Clearfield, Cameron, Elk and Jefferson, who were among the first counties to move into the Yellow Phase two weeks ago.

However, during Friday's media briefing, Gov. Wolf said that local officials in Centre County requested to NOT move into the Green Phase yet, despite being part of the first wave of counties to move into the Yellow.

Wolf added that local officials did NOT feel comfortable transitioning, and that his administration wanted to honor their request.

An official statement from Centre County officials has not been released yet but we have reached out to them for comment.