Cameron County Kennel Robbery
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Fighting back, this is what a Cameron County business owner did as he was kicked to the ground by a robber she went after him this morning.  Sixty two year old Betty Allen suffered minor injuries but says she is feeling more pain on an emotional level.  Betty Allen, the owner of the Krazy A Pet Salon and Boarding Kennel says the man got away with a few hundred dollars.  Allen says the man was wearing dark baggy clothes, a mask and tried to disguise his voice.  She says she had no clue who was behind the mask so she tried to get a look.  After a trip to the emergency room, Allen says she will be okay she is just sore but what hurts more is knowing someone would do such a thing.  Allen was unable to identify the man to police and she did not see what direction he may have went.  Right now she is still shaken up but wants to assure her customers she is not going anywhere.